How My New Trading Algorithm
trades better than a Wall Street Trader.
After 3 years of testing.

575,000 Lines of Code

and Late Night Calls with my coding team.

I wanted to see if my New Algorithm could actually make any money.

So I told my Coder to put it through the Ultimate BackTest.

If the algorithm meets these 3 criteria during the backtest, I would do a closed release of the algorithm to 1000 Founding Traders.

Criteria 1 - I wanted the algorithm to make at least 50,000 pips (Net Profit) over a 5-year backtest across 28 different currency pairs.

That's 10, 000 pips a year, 833.33 Pips a Month, or $833.33 on a mini lot

Criteria 2 - I wanted no more than a 10% Drawdown on each trade.

So if your trading account had $100 dollars in it. You won't be more than $10 in the negative during a trade.

Criteria 3 - Last but not least it had to trade 28 Different Currency Pairs during the 5- year Back Test. So we know the Algorithm can pick good trades in any situation.

We would scrap the Algorithm
If it didn't meet those 3 criteria.

When I told my coder the algorithm had to make at least 50,000 Pips with less than a 10% drawdown on every single trade, across 28 different currency pairs I could tell he thought it was impossible.

I could see beads of sweat forming on his face.

He told me to aim for 10,000 pips instead of 50,000 pips.

He gave all sorts of statistical fluff on why the criteria were too harsh.

and I will admit he almost made me think "Maybe this Back Test is a little too overboard"

The algorithm would have to trade through the 2020 Covid Crisis.

"Would it take a piece of the AUDUSD 1489.9 Pip bear run from Jan 6th to March 13th, 2020?"

"How would the algorithm handle the time when Fed Chair was raising interest rates to combat Inflation?"

"How it would perform when US Treasury Bill Rates went Negative?"

These were all questions I wanted answers to.

So we went on with the Back-Test anyway with the same 3 criteria.

We housed the algorithm on a Microsoft Server.

We then Loaded up 5 years of historical data from 28 different Currency pairs.

and began the Back- Test

It took several days to run multiple currencies and time frames through the algorithm.

The algorithm ran 28 currency pairs on multiple time frames to optimize and narrowed down the best-performing time frames to the 1-hour and 4-hour time frames.
The Results of the 5-year BackTest 
exceeded expectations
The Algorithm hit all three criteria.

It Made roughly 80,000 pips.

The Trades it took had a max of 6% drawdown. 

and it traded 28 Different Currency Pairs PROFITABLY during the 5- year Back Test.

As you can see on the chart, it was making steady consistent gains over time.

It doesn't look like a get-rich-quick Gains Chart. 

There are losses but the wins make up for all the losses.

This is what the chart of any good trader should look like. 

Pleased with the results I decided to name the Algorithm "The Compound Day Trading Robot."

and more importantly, the successful backtest gave me permission to open 1000 Founding Beta Member Spots for the forward testing phase.

but before I give you more info on how to become a founding member, I have to explain why "The Compound Day Trading Robot" trades better than 90% of traders.
Here's why 
The Compound Day Trading Robot trades better than 90% of traders.
The reason why "90% of traders lose money" is not because they Don't Have the Right Strategy...

I am sure you watched countless videos that prove the London Day Break strategy works.

I am sure you have seen enough evidence in your Tradingview backtests that Macd and pull-back trading strategies work.

I am convinced you know tools like the Fibonacci, Moving Averages, Bollinger Bands, Price Action Analysis, or Stochastic or RSI indicators work.

If almost any trading strategy works, what's the real reason most traders fail to make it?

The truth is most traders lack the discipline to consistently practice using a trading system until they are able to make it profitable for themselves.

They quit too early.

They win big sometimes, then lose a lot more than they win. 

Because they don't follow their entry rules, the market turns back on them and triggers their stop loss when they enter a trade.

They don't know when to leave a trade running so they don't cut their profits short.

They lack the patience to wait for trades that hit all their criteria for a good trade.

They lack the entry and exit rules for making profits. Oftentimes traders do not know when to enter or when to exit with profit or exit for a loss. 

Today's trader has the resources to become successful traders but lacks the patience, time, and discipline to trade well.

That's one of the reasons I decided to make my own Trading Algorithm

The Compound Day Trading Robot (CDTR) trades like a Trader from Wall Street 

....  AKA ME
If you didn't already know.

I use to trade for one of the biggest brokerages in the world and became known in the trading community.

Maybe you have seen some of my published work on Daily Fx and Yahoo Finance
Maybe you have seen me trade live in front of an audience of 300 people at the Las Vegas Currency Expo event. 
I have met and learned from Trading Masters like Mark Douglas Author of “Trading in the Zone” 
So you can be assured The Compound Day Trading Robot has been developed by a trader with proven experience under his belt.

As you know, The Compound Day Trading Robot(CDTR) has passed the ultimate backtest.

Now it's time for the Next Phase.

Forward Testing. That is to fine-tune How CDTR performs in the real-time trading

and I want you to join me in this next phase because I also need your feedback.

For a Limited Time Only I am opening

1000 Beta Founding Member Spots for The Compound Day Trading Robot


12 Month Access to signals from The Compound Day Trading Robot
57 67
  • 12-month of access for only $67.
  • Receive 10 to 30 signals per week sent out immediately via Private Telegram chat.
  • Private Skype Group chat - Provide Feedback and Ask me Questions - My mentees pay me over $3500 to have a live group training session with me. So this alone is more than worth the admission price.

Use Code "FXTRADE57B" to save $10

This is a ground floor opportunity.

Once the Forward Testing Phase ends in 2024, Non- Founding Beta members will have to pay $67 per month.

However, if you choose to become a founding member today...

- You will get 12 months access for only $67. That's a Savings of $737.
If you choose not to become a founding member now you will have to pay $67 per month when the algorithm is fully released in 2024

- You will Receive 10 to 30 signals per week sent out immediately via Private Telegram chat.

And When CDTR is fully released to the public in 2024, founding members will only be paying $47 per month instead of $67 per month.

If you are thinking of waiting till 2024 , let me remind of this ...

The Compound Day Trading Robot was able to rack up 80,000 Pips on a 5-year beta test across 28 different currency pairs.

That's 16,000 pips a year or 1,333.33 pips per month.

But "Past performance does not guarantee future results". So let's dumb down the number by a bit.

Imagine if the 10 to 30 signals from "The Compound Day Trading Robot" could give you just 100 pips in net profit per month.

That's $100 on a Mini Lot or $1000 on a Standard Lot.

You would have covered your $67 investment in just one month depending on your account size and risk management.

and you won't have to pay for monthly access to signals from "The Compound Day Trading Robot" until it is fully released to the public in 2024.

Use Code "FXTRADE57B" to save $10

P.S. Once the 1000 Beta Member Spots have been taken. I won't be giving any access to The Compound Day Trading Robot until 2024
12 Month Access to
"The Compound Day Trading Robot" 
For Only $67 
Use Code "FXTRADE57B" to save $10



What is the philosophy behind the CDTRs signals, what time framed do the signals come from?
CDTR uses uses the 1hr timeframe and the philosophy behind the signals is based on my Compound Day trading system I teach my students

What language is CDTR coded in?

Had CDTR made a Mistakes?
Yes it has. One major problem that has been fixed is the T/P being higher entry for a Sell Trade.

Risk Disclaimer

Futures, Options, and Currency trading all have large potential rewards, but they also
have large potential risk. 

You must be aware of the risks and be willing to accept them
in order to invest in these markets. 

Don’t trade with money you can’t afford to lose.

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